How much does the Tap-On-Spot app costs?

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Does Tap-On-Spot app run on iPhones?

Yes! Tap-On-Spot app is available in iTunes App Store for download. Sign up for our Newsletter to get notified when new versions become available.

Tap-On-Spot in Itunes Store

Does Tap-On-Spot run on Android phones?

Yes! Tap-On-Spot app will be available in Google Play for download. Sign up for our Newsletter to get notified when new versions become available.

Tap-On-Spot in Google Play

What operating system levels does Tap-On-Spot app support?

Tap-On-Spot app supports iOS 8.xx and up and Android 4.x.x and up. The app runs on smartphones but the tablet support is on its way.

Tap-On-Spot logo

How should I know that a TV commercial is tappable?

A Tap-On-Spot logo can be seen in the right lower corner if a TV commercial is tappable. 

Tap-On-Spot for radio in a car

How should I know that a radio commercial is tappable?

A short Tap-On-Spot signal indicates at the beginning of the radio commercial that it is tappable.

How can I create a soundfile?

Once you have signed up for Sonoroo services, you can create soundfiles in the admin area. The admin area can be accessed at app.sonoroo.com. You can also check your existing soundfiles and insights. 


How much does a soundfile cost?

A Sonoroo soundfile costs 100 Credits. If you are on Pay-as-you-go, than this is 10 USD. With a package deal you can reduce this price to 5 USD.

Tap-On-Spot countdown in TV commercials

When do I have to tap on a TV commercial?

You see a countdown in the Tap-On-Spot logo in the right lower corner of the commercial. When the countdown starts, you can tap. You can tap before the countdown starts, but keep in mind that the app will wait only 1 minute for the soundcode. If the app does not get the soundcode in 1 minute, it stops listening. This does not apply to continuous mode, when the app listens continuously in the background. Continuous mode can be set up in the app's Settings menu.

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Can I use my Sonoroo soundfiles forever?

Once you created a Sonoroo soundfile you can use it with no time restrictions. However, if the offer that belongs to a specific soundfile has not been tapped for a year, we send you a notification and delete the soundfile from our system. Deleting the soundfile also removes the offer from our database, so tapping on the offer belonging to the deleted soundfile will give an error message: "This offer is not available at this time."

Can Sonoroo provide data to prefill forms on my landing pages?

Yes. Sonoroo transfers all data that the user enabled to the landing pages. These data include the First name, Last name and E-mail address of the person who arrives at your landing page. If you are collecting Newsletter sign ups, than all data can be prefilled, so the user only has to click on the Sign up button on your landing page. No data has to be entered. Furthermore, more data will be available on your landing pages soon.

What kind of landing pages can I use?

You can use any kind of landing page: webpage, Facebook page, Facebook post, Twitter page, Twitter post, Google+ page, Google+ post, LinkedIn page, LinkedIn post, YouTube channel, YouTube video, Pinterest or Instagram pic, Tumblr post, an app in Google Play or iTunes App Store, a blog post or ANYTHING that has an Internet address. You can even set up a phone number as landing page, so tapping on your TV/radio commercial makes a regular phone call to you.

Tap-On-Spot logo in TV

How much does a Tap-On-Spot campaign costs?

There are two types of costs, a fixed cost and a variable cost:

  • Creating soundfiles (fixed cost)
  • Taps on your offers in Tap-On-Spot app (variable cost)

Soundfiles cost 100 Credit, which is 10 USD if you chose Pay-as-you-go. Every tap on offer costs 1 Credit, that is 0.1 USD if you chose Pay-as-you-go. However you can buy credits at a special price if you choose a package deal.

So, let's say you have a campaign with one soundfile - that means you have one landing page and one special offer in the campaign. You broadcast your Tap-On-Spot TV commercial to 5 million people, and 10.000 TV viewers tap on your commercial. That means you pay 10 USD + 1.000 USD, 1.010 USD total for the 10.000 leads. That is 0.1 USD per lead. 

Of course you have to take care of all other aspects of your TV/radio commercial too.


Can I use Tap-On-Spot app in my language?

Tap-On-Spot app supports 6 languages at the moment: English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Hungarian. We will add more languages soon.

Sonoroo recommends Klipfolio for insights data visualisation

Does Sonoroo provide insight data for the offer taps?

Yes, of course. Sonoroo provides insight data through json statistics. These statistics can be visualized with any business dashboard application. Sonoroo recommends using Klipfolio.

Where can I find technical references on how to use soundfiles?

Once you have signed up for Sonoroo services, you can sign in to our system at app.sonoroo.com. You will find all necessary documentation after signing in.

Tap-On-Spot Insights in Google Analytics

Does Sonoroo support Google Analytics?

Yes. It is very easy to keep track of leads coming from TV/radio commercials. You have to add TV/radio as a channel to your existing channels. Sign in to Google Analytics and choose your website. In Channel Settings choose Channel Grouping, and click on Default Channel Grouping. Create a new Channel Definition called TV/radio commercials. Define a rule that "Source/Medium contains spot.sonoroo.com". You will see how many leads come from TV/radio commercials to your landing page.

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