Tap on TV or radio spots, get special offers. Go to a Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube video, or webpage.

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“Sonoroo is the next big thing in online marketing.”

Take viewers of your TV commercial to your landing page!

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    Choose the target where you would like to send potential customers watching your TV commercial or listening to your radio spot.
    You can promote anything you want, a webpage, Facebook page, Facebook post, Twitter post, blog, LinkedIn page, LinkedIn post, Google place, Google app, iPhone app, iTunes,, YouTube, Skype call, regular call etc.

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    Create and download the Sonoroo soundfile
    You must sign up for Sonoroo services first. Once signed up you can create your Sonoroo soundfiles for all kinds of digital assets you have.

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    Use the Sonoroo soundfile at the end of your TV commercial or radio spot.
    Your audience can tap on your TV and radio commercials with Tap-On-Spot app, and they instantly get to your landing page.

    Install Sonoroo on your smartphone now and try it out
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    Measure effectiveness and ROI of your TV commercial and radio spot.
    Comprehensive insights are available for your campaigns. Just like when using online campaigns.

Try it out yourself!

Download free Tap-On-Spot application from Google Play or iTunes App Store and launch it on your smartphone or tablet. Upon setting up Tap-On-Spot set United States as your country of residence.


Start the commercial below with sound on your laptop or TV (on any other device than your smartphone). When countdown starts in Tap-On-Spot logo, tap on Tap-On-Spot button in Tap-On-Spot application* on your smartphone.

You have tapped on this TV spot, so a special offer will appear on your smartphone**. Tap on that offer, so you are taken to a landing page of the campaign.

* Tapping on spots works with radio spots too.
** Tapping on spots does not require Internet connection. However, navigating to the landing page does.

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